Winemaking Hardships of Old4
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Winemaking Hardships of Old

Tome Summary: The various diseases, pests, and hardships wine makers have had to overcome.
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    Expertise Level 2

    The Great Winemaking Crisis and the Louse that Caused it

    In 1864 vineyards in specific areas of France began to wither and die. Tiny yellow insects were discovered and eventually confirmed to be the source of the problem. Scientists worked to determine the origin of the insect as well as a solution to the problem. Read Now
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    Expertise Level 3

    Oidium and the Vineyard

    In 1850 a fungal epidemic threatened to destroy the vineyards of Europe. Vintners noticed problems when vines became covered in a powdery mildew. Grape crops would be ruined but the vine would survive the attack. The disease was named Oidium and a solution that involved sulfur dusting was used to combat the threat. Read Now
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    Expertise Level 3

    The Solution to the Phylloxera Problem

    The Phylloxera louse threatened to destroy all the vineyards of Europe. Scientific research had proved that a tiny insect was responsible for the catastrophe. Additional scientific work with resistant rootstocks provided the solution. Read Now
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    Expertise Level 3

    Phylloxera in the Modern United States

    In 1983 a new Phylloxera crisis was observed within the United States. The recommendation of a sub-par rootstock for vineyard development led to dire consequences. Vineyards had to be uprooted and replanted on true Phylloxera resistant rootstocks. Read Now

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