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Wine Refrigerators

by Staff Writer - C. Barnett | July 10, 2011

Wine drinkers who prefer their wine chilled might want to consider purchasing a wine refrigerator. If you have about fifteen inches of extra space and a standard electrical outlet, then you have room for a basic countertop wine storage unit. Basic wine refrigerators start at a cost at around $100. Wine refrigerators will provide ideal temperatures, control humidity and provide proper wine bottle positioning. The basic wine refrigerators will hold from six to twenty bottles of wine. If you are a more serious wine collector and have additional space and funding then you can look for a freestanding wine refrigerator which can cost from hundreds to thousands of dollars and include many additional amenities. Another option for wine refrigerators is a built-in unit. If you have a large collection of both red and white wines then you may want to consider a dual zone wine refrigerator which allows for separate temperature settings.

A wine refrigerator is intended to chill the wine to the correct temperature for serving. A kitchen refrigerator in your home is most likely set too cold for most wines, but more importantly, the temperature fluctuates every time the refrigerator is opened and closed. Wine requires a constant temperature to maintain its quality. If wine storage is left in poor conditions then those conditions can cause chemical reactions that spoil the taste of the wine. Storing wine in a garage or closet may not be a good choice because the temperature may fluctuate greatly.

You have a lot of choices for ways to store your wine collection. The way you choose your wine storage option should be dependent upon how large your collection of wine is and how serious you are about wine collecting. There are arguments for and against using a wine refrigerator. It is important that you understand and are familiar with the options before making your decision.

Positive Features of Using a Wine Refrigerator

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Keeps Wine At The Correct Temperature

A wine refrigerator will keep your wine collection at the correct temperature and humidity level. Your wine bottles will be ready for serving at any moment.

A feature item to look into when purchasing a wine refrigerator is the use of LED lighting. LED lighting is usually found in better wine refrigerator models. The use of LED lighting will prevent the temperature from becoming uneven. It is important to keep the temperature at the proper even level for each type of wine.

Being able to set the exact temperature on a wine refrigerator may help you from making the mistake of storing wine at incorrect temperatures. You can set it once and the task is done.

Protects Wine Bottles From Movement/Shaking

The proper wine refrigerator can keep your wine bottles from shaking or experiencing vibrations. If there is no vibration, then the Sediment is not disturbed and this will protect your wine against sediment agitation. This will help the wine age properly and keep the quality at its best.

Air Tightness and Even Storage Racks

Air tightness is important because it also helps to keep wine bottles stored at the correct temperature. A wine refrigerator will protect your bottles from the odors of other foods. Wine bottles should be laid on their side to keep the cork moist so that it doesn't dry out and shrink, which can allow air in the bottle and ruin the wine.

Negative Features of Using a Wine Refrigerator

When Space Is An Issue

When you first consider purchasing a wine refrigerator you must decide where you are going to place it. Do you have enough counter space for a countertop model? Do you have enough space for a medium to large appliance to be placed in your kitchen or elsewhere? Guidelines need to be followed for placement of the wine refrigerator as they may need to have proper air flow so that they do not overheat. One idea that has been used is to replace the dishwasher (if not an item that is used regularly) space and installing a wine refrigerator in its place.

A Wine Refrigerator Can Be Costly

Wine refrigerators have a large range of costs beginning around $100 and rising into the thousands of dollars. Some wine refrigerators can cost more than the standard kitchen refrigerator. You will need to decide if your wine collection is worth the added expense. And you will need to consider the additional cost of constant electricity to keep the wine refrigerator running.

There are the positives and negatives of using a wine refrigerator. When properly stored, wine can maintain its quality and improve in bouquet and flavor as it ages. A wine refrigerator is not something that everyone wants or needs, but it does provide an option for easy storage and perfectly chilled wine at a moment’s notice.

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