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Wine Myths

by Staff Writer - C. Barnett | June 27, 2011

The word myth comes from the Greek mythos, which means story or word. Myths can go back centuries or they may be relatively new in creation. Sometimes these myths are passed along like an oral tradition. Still today myths can be found everywhere in our modern culture.

People have always tried to figure out the answers to both big and small questions, like who made the universe. For past cultures, myths were like science because they explained how things worked. They also explained other questions that are now answered through modern science. While news media and communication may be more informative in our modern times, wine myths still exist today. Not knowing where to start, some may rather believe a myth rather than research and look for facts. Simple answers are sometimes less complicated and easier to follow, especially when it comes to wine myths and traditions. One of the simplest myths about wine is that “the more a bottle of wine costs, the better the wine will taste”. This is a myth because taste is subjective to the person drinking the wine. The price of wine is related to many factors such as the type of grapes used in making the wine, the cost of the vineyard land, whether the wine was aged in oak barrels and the reputation of the winery. But since the simple answer is that a more expensive bottle of wine tastes better, that wine myth has carried on.

Wine myths are common place. The more you learn about wine, the more wine myths you will discover. Just as the taste of wine is subjective to your palate, some myths may be subjective to your beliefs about wine. The following is a list of common wine myths from past to present and the list is in no specific order. Some of the wine myths will seem like common sense, while others may surprise you.

Common Wine Myths

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  • The more a wine costs, the better it tastes
  • All wines have the same amount of alcohol
  • Screwtop wine bottles are a symbol of a cheap wine
  • All German wines are sweet
  • Reserve labels on wines are considered to be top of the line
  • Red wine should never be chilled
  • Aged wine tastes better than a young wine
  • The first winery in Napa was Mondavi
  • Zinfandel is a pink wine
  • Fruit used to describe wine flavors and aroma, is the type of fruit used to make the wine
  • You need a different wine glass for each different types of wine
  • You cannot age wines sealed with an alternative closure
  • Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Sherry, and Port are grape varieties
  • Pair white wine with fish or chicken and red wine with red meat
  • Drink red wine at room temperature and chill white wine
  • All wines get better with age
  • Smelling the cork in a restaurant will tell you if the wine is bad
  • Wine goes bad and starts turning into vinegar about a day after popping the cork
  • Smelling the cork can tell you something about a wine’s quality
  • "Old Vine" and "Reserve" guarantee quality
  • Dom Perignon invented Champagne
  • Cabernet is a better wine than Zinfandel
  • Old vines make better wines
  • Chardonnay is a varietal wine
  • The first winery in the United States was in California
  • Chianti is an inexpensive, commercial wine
  • Italian wines should be enjoyed with Italian food
  • Marsala is a cooking wine
  • Pinot Grigio is one of Italy's best wines
  • Italy's best wines are all red
  • The first winery in California was in Napa
  • Spumante is sweet
  • Wine needs special storage facilities
  • You must sniff the cork after the server opens the wine
  • It is important after opening the cork that you let the wine breathe
  • Wines with sulfites will give you a headache
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