Vineyard Pests And Wildlife3
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Vineyard Pests And Wildlife

Tome Summary: Explores some of the pests and wildlife that vineyards have to deal with.
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    Expertise Level 2

    Vineyard Pests

    Insect pests present a problem for vineyards around the world. Insects feed on the leaves, berries and root systems of the grape vine. Insect attacks occur infrequently but vintners must continually monitor threats from insects. Insect damage can be classified as causing direct damage to the berry or causing indirect damage to the vine. Read Now
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    Expertise Level 2

    Vineyard Wildlife Problems

    Vineyard wildlife problems can be isolated to a few specific vertebrate animals. Birds are fond of ripe grapes and can be controlled by the use of nets on the vines. Terrestrial animals including deer, bears and raccoons can be controlled by the use of scent repellants, noise deterrents and fencing. Read Now
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    Expertise Level 2

    Grape Disease Management

    Diseases threaten the productivity and health of a grapevine. Diseases manifest themselves in the form of fungi, viruses and bacteria & phytoplasmas. Fungal diseases present a danger that typically is perennial and manageable. Viral diseases are incurable infections that are not easily spread between plants. Bacteria & phytoplasmas diseases affect the growth and development of a grape vine and can be transmitted by insect. Read Now

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