The Vineyards Business3
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The Vineyards Business

Tome Summary: The business elements all vineyards live and breathe.
  • Expertise Level 2
    Expertise Level 2

    Basic Vineyard Management Principles

    Proper care of the vineyard is required for the production of quality wine. The selection of the grape variety must first be determined. Proper rootstocks must be selected for the conditions of the vineyard. The measurement of soil properties, water retention, and sunlight exposure are important when reviewing variables in the vineyard design. Read Now
  • Expertise Level 3
    Expertise Level 3

    Development, Strategies, and Systems of Vineyards

    Specific procedures and techniques must be taken into consideration when building a new vineyard. The selection of a site conducive for the proper growth of grapes is critical. Instituting a land maintenance program with respect to soil nutrients is necessary. The vineyard layout, grape pruning and training are also very important. Read Now
  • Expertise Level 2
    Expertise Level 2

    Harvesting and Juicing the Wine Grapes

    The juices of wine grapes must be extracted in a way that does not damage the quality of the grape. Harvest dates as well as the use or manual or mechanical methods must be determined ahead of time. It must also be determined if the grape stalk is to be removed. The final step is the determination of the crushing technology to be used on the harvested grapes. Read Now

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