The Scientific Perspective3
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The Scientific Perspective

Tome Summary: The way the scientific mind approaches wine.
  • Expertise Level 1
    Expertise Level 1

    The Science of Wine Tasting

    An expert wine connoisseur utilizes specific technology and procedures for the purposes of wine tasting. Proper tasting temperatures are absolutely critical for accurate wine tasting. Proper decanting is also necessary to prepare the wine for tasting. The selection of the proper tasting glass and the use of a specific tasting style are important as well. Read Now
  • Expertise Level 3
    Expertise Level 3

    The Science of Winemaking

    Winemaking is an art form as well as a science. Specific manufacturing processes are used to make wine. Technologies have been developed to control the processes of winemaking. Manufacturing processes focusing on proper vineyard management as well as the monitoring of fermentation are critical. Read Now
  • Expertise Level 2
    Expertise Level 2

    History of Grape Propagation

    Grape propagation techniques have been used throughout history to expand vineyard plantings. Early propagation techniques focused on a concept known as layering. Pests and diseases have led to the adoption of propagation techniques centered on rootstock grafting programs. Read Now

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