The AVA Gauntlet - Part 34
Expertise Level 3

The AVA Gauntlet - Part 3

Tome Summary: Discusses American Viticultural Areas found within northern California. Describes the Spring Mountain & Mount Veeder AVAs of Napa Valley as well as areas found within the Mendocino & Lake Counties.
  • No Expertise Needed
    No Expertise Needed

    Spring Mountain AVA

    The Spring Mountain American Viticultural Area (AVA) is located within the Napa Valley between Diamond Mountain AVA and Mount Veeder AVA. Spring Mountain AVA temperatures and soil conditions are different than that of neighboring areas. Wines produced from Spring Mountain display fierce tannins with high fruit intensities. Read Now
  • Expertise Level 2
    Expertise Level 2

    Mendocino County AVAs

    Mendocino County is a wine-producing region found in California. In the 1890s small vineyards were introduced into high elevations, a practice which continues to this day. Sustainable agriculture as well as organic wine production has recently been introduced. Read Now
  • Expertise Level 2
    Expertise Level 2

    Mount Veeder AVA

    The Mount Veeder American Viticultural Area (AVA) is part of the Mayacamas Mountains and is contained within the Napa Valley. The soils of the Mount Veeder AVA contain volcanic properties. Local conditions of the Mount Veeder AVA are reflected with earthy qualities found in the wine. Read Now
  • Expertise Level 3
    Expertise Level 3

    Lake County AVAs

    Lake County is a wine-producing region located in Northern California. With a low acreage of vineyards, Lake County is one of the smaller wine producing areas of California. Lake County has a smaller amount of wineries when compared to other Northern California regions. Read Now

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