Pacific Northwest 4
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Pacific Northwest

Tome Summary: Discusses the wine industry of Washington and Oregon State. Reviews the history of winemaking as well as the American Viticultural Areas of Oregon and Washington.
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    Winemaking in Oregon

    Oregon's winemaking industry began at around 1847 and was confined to small family run vineyards. Prohibition hit Oregon hard and by Repeal recovery efforts were slowed by unfriendly legislation. Today small family run enterprises once again dominate the Oregon wine industry. Read Now
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    Winemaking in Washington

    Winemaking in Washington State began in the late 1800s. Early Washington State winemaking activities were confined to private winemakers and juice growers. Professional winemaking activities began in the early 1930s. Read Now
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    Expertise Level 2

    Washington Wine Regions

    The State of Washington has several American Viticultural Areas (AVAs). The Columbia Valley AVA is a large area that encompasses several smaller Washington State AVAs. The Horse Heaven Hills AVA, Rattlesnake Hills AVA, Red Mountain AVA, Snipes Mountain AVA, Wahluke Slope AVA, Walla Walla AVA and Yakima Valley AVA are all contained to the Columbia Valley AVA of Washington State. Read Now
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    Expertise Level 1

    Oregon Wine Regions

    Oregon State has three non-overlapping American Viticultural Areas (AVAs). Smaller than most AVAs in other States, Oregon's non-overlapping AVAs include the Willamette Valley AVA, the Southern Oregon AVA and the Columbia Gorge AVA. Read Now

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