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Ohio and Michigan

Tome Summary: Reviews winemaking found within the States of Ohio and Michigan. Discusses the history and various American Viticultural Areas of Ohio and Michigan States.
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    Winemaking in Ohio

    Ohio was the first State to be nationally recognized for the quality of its wines. Originally Ohio's wine production exceeded that of California. Ohio's fame with winemaking was lost due to disease, lack of leadership, and Prohibition. Resurgence with Ohio wineries has recently been observed. Grape shortages in the mid 1990s forced Ohio to expand vineyards devoted to winemaking. Read Now
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    Ohio Wine Regions

    Ohio's vineyards are scattered throughout five nationally recognized American Viticultural Areas (AVAs). Natural resources such as Lake Erie create conditions conducive for vineyard development. The climates found in Ohio range from a Humid Subtropical zone to a Humid Continental zone. Ohio's AVAs include the Isle St. George AVA, the Grand River Valley AVA, the Lake Erie AVA, the Ohio River Valley AVA and the Loramie Creek AVA. Read Now
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    Expertise Level 2

    Winemaking in Michigan

    Serious winemaking activities did not exist in Michigan before Repeal. The grape juice boom of 1900 set Michigan's fate as a grape juice producer rather than a wine producer. Legislation introduced after repeal introduced selling conditions favorable for the growth of Michigan wineries. Recent developments include Michigan wineries experimenting with Vitis vinifera grape varieties. Read Now
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    Michigan Wine Regions

    The State of Michigan has four non-state overlapping American Viticultural Areas (AVAs). Each of Michigan's four AVAs benefit climactically from being located near Lake Michigan. Michigan's AVAs include the Fennville AVA, the Lake Michigan Shore AVA, the Leelanau Peninsula AVA and the Old Mission Peninsula AVA. Read Now

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