How California Does Wine4
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How California Does Wine

Tome Summary: Reviews the history and regional characteristics of California winemaking. Discusses popular grape varieties as well as diversity found among the various American Viticultural Areas.
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    Winemaking in California

    California winemaking began with the introduction of vines by Spanish missionaries two centuries ago. Vitis vinifera vines were introduced in the mid 1830s. Several wine booms and busts were observed before Phylloxera destroyed most vineyards in 1873. California winemaking recovered in the 1960s and has continued to improve over time. Read Now
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    California Wines

    California wines are quite popular worldwide because of the many varieties and consistent excellent quality. California wines can range from the sweetest, lightest white wines to the most full-bodied red wines. Read Now
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    Central and Southern California Wine Regions

    The wine regions of central and southern California are contained in an area starting from San Francisco and continuing southward. The AVAs of central and southern California include the Central Coast AVA, the Sierra Foothills AVA, the South Coast AVA and are home to some of California’s oldest wineries. Read Now
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    Northern California Wine Regions

    Northern California wine regions can be found in an area starting from San Francisco and traveling north. Climates within northern California are ideally suited for wine production. High quality wines are easily produced and have led to northern California becoming famous for winemaking. Read Now

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