Etiquette and Myths5
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Etiquette and Myths

Tome Summary: History, stories, notes, and other great things.
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    No Expertise Needed

    The Wine Tasting Ritual

    Once you learn the standard ritual for wine tasting, you can handle the process anytime on your own with ease and confidence. The wine tasting ritual allows the taster to analyze the wine as thoroughly or as casually as the taster prefers. Read Now
  • Expertise Level 1
    Expertise Level 1

    Wine Myths

    Wine Myths are common place and the more you learn about wine, the more wine myths you will discover. Wine Myths can go back centuries or they may be relatively new in creation. Read Now
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    Expertise Level 1

    Wine Etiquette

    There are conventional and wine traditions that are socially accepted when drinking wine. Wine Etiquette is used in various occasions and celebrations, as well as regular wine drinking routines. Read Now
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    Expertise Level 1

    Wine and Religion

    Wine is associated with religions found throughout the world. Each with varying capacity and implications. Read Now
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    The History of Champagne

    Champagne, from where the wine gets its name, was a region long before it was a sparkling wine. Before the mid-1600's there was no Champagne as we think of it today. The name Dom Pérignon is associated with the history of Champagne. Read Now

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