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by System | May 06, 2012

Annotations are explanatory notes, or body of notes added to text. An Annotation is extra information associated with a particular point in a document or other piece of information.

Many websites do not allow changes or notes on their body of texts. The information is considered static and cannot be updated or added to [[ Annotation: "When experts find themselves reading content that is outdated, they typically have to ignore it. Now, they can react!" - William Mansfield ]]; or sometimes readers are allowed to make comments. opens up all of their articles and readers are encouraged to contribute to articles through Annotations. Annotations lets you be part of the process by adding your own personal touch to the article and it will appear as part of the content once it has been approved.

Adding an Annotation is a simple process

Adding an Annotation is a simple process. First you will create an account for yourself and if you already have an account with then you will just need to Login. With an account you will be able to login using the Account name you created or your email address and your password [[ Annotation: " supports its own authentication along with Facebook and any OpenAuth supported system." - William Mansfield ]]. The second step to adding an Annotation will be to highlight the text you would like to be enhanced or changed. When you highlight the text an ‘Add Annotation’ button will display and you just need to click on that button. Once you click on that button a text box will open up and allow you to begin typing your Annotation text. When you are done you just need to click on the Submit button.

Once your Annotation text has been approved you will see it displayed as part of the content text. Annotations on are a fast and simple process that allows you to be part of the contributing writing team by noting your Annotation.

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