by Cindy Barnett | June 05, 2012

Vintage refers to the year that wine grapes are harvested and it is noted on the wine bottle label. Ninety-five percent of the wine in a vintage-designated bottle must be from grapes harvested in that year.

Non-vintage wines are made when two or more wines from different years are blended together. These non-vintage wines do not carry a year on their label. Some wines labeled as “multi-vintage” are a blend made from grapes produced in different years. The vintage year is not necessarily the year the wine was put into the bottle. Red wines, especially long lived red wines, are bottled two or three years or more after the harvest. In some wine regions, even the freshest white wines are rarely bottled in the same calendar year that the grapes were picked. Wine vintages vary from region to region and reflect the personality of a season.

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