by Cindy Barnett | June 05, 2012

A sommelier is a wine steward who possesses expert knowledge about wine. Sommeliers are knowledgeable, well trained professionals who can guide your wine selection based on your preferences, food pairings and price. Sommeliers are there to make your decision making effortless.

Sommeliers are more like guides than professors. They will ask you a bunch of questions about the styles of wines you like, what you are ordering to eat, and how willing you are to trying something new. The sommelier will get a feeling of how much you plan to drink and how much you want to spend. In most cases, the Sommeliers know their wine lists intimately as they have created them. They have chosen the wines, made the purchases, overseen the storage, written the descriptions, and trained the staff to serve the wines. Sommeliers are usually very enthusiastic about sharing their wine discoveries.

A wine sommelier should possess detailed knowledge of the wines in his or her stock, including:

  • The types of grapes used and the regions where the grapes were grown
  • The vineyards of the grapes
  • The vintages of the wines

In general, the duties of a wine sommelier include:

  • Assisting in ordering wine
  • Assisting in serving wine
  • Creating or helping to create a wine list
  • Knowing how best to maintain wines
  • Knowing which wines will best complement food items on the menu
  • Training the staff about wine
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