by Staff Writer - A. Heinzman | June 14, 2012

The term scion refers to a plant component used in the grafting process. A scion is the top growth of a specific plant that is prepared and joined with a specific rootstock.

The process of grafting is interesting in that two different plants can be combined to form a single plant. Grafting is different from creating a hybrid as the unique characteristics found between the two grafted plants are preserved. Therefore when selecting the top growth or scion of a grapevine, viticulturists will select a variety based on local climates and winemaking requirements. The age of the scion is also taken into account with young scions typically grafted onto older rootstocks. Age differences between scions and rootstocks are utilized so that so the graft union calluses before the scion forms excessive growths. The end result of the graft is a combined grapevine that preserves the characteristics of the scion.

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