by Staff Writer - B. Shaughnessy | June 14, 2012

A pergola is a canopy style utilized with vine training and vineyard management. Pergola trained grapevines are trained to grow high so that any resulting grape bunches can be shaded from excessive sunlight.

Traditionally, a pergola was a structure used for the purpose of training vine based plants to form specific garden features. Pergolas are still common in gardens today, with many gardens using pergolas to create shaded walkways, gazebos or sitting areas. With respect to vineyard management, the use of a pergola is indicative of vineyards that have trained grapevines with high canopy styles. The use of a pergola in vineyard practices was encouraged by Roman viticulture. High-trained canopy systems are still popular and used today by many vineyards. Benefits to the use of a high trained pergola canopy system include better frost protection of the grape bunches. Grapevines trained in a pergola style are typically found in hot climates where lighter wines are produced.

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