by Staff Writer - C. Barnett | January 29, 2012

Oxidation of wine refers to the loss of its freshness after wine comes in contact with air. Once a wine is oxidized, it loses its flavors, colors and aromas to a significant extent. The process can take place in the bottle, in the barrel or when it is still must (unfermented grape juice).

After oxidation, wine can acquire an old smell and a stale taste which makes the wine undrinkable. White wines are particularly vulnerable to oxidation immediately following fermentation. Because of this, premium white wines should be reasonably protected from air during the course of processing. White wine attains a deep yellow color when they are subjected to oxidation. Red wines start to build up a brown color shade.

Some of the methods used to prevent oxidation of wine are: 1) Using healthy grapes when making wine; 2) Filling wine containers completely which leaves little air; 3) Corking wine bottles tightly and 4) Using Inert Gas to prevent wine oxidation.

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