by Staff Writer - C. Barnett | January 29, 2012

Decant means to transfer wine slowly from the wine bottle into a carafe, to either add oxygen (aerate) to the wine or to separate the drinking wine from the sediment in the bottle.

Decanting older wines is a way of separating the wine from the sediment that splits from the wine and collects. After removing the cork, the wine should be poured in a slow and steady stream into a decanter so that it does not slip back into the wine bottle and disturb the sediment. Allow the wine in the decanter to rest a few minutes before serving. Very old wines should be served immediately so that long exposure to oxygen does not weaken or change the wine’s aroma or flavor.

By using a decanter on young wines (including Rosés and White Wines), the oxygen mixes with the wine faster. Decanting is a way to encourage the wine in the bottle to be more aromatic and flavorful and this allows you to enjoy the wine shortly after opening it.

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