by Staff Writer - B. Shaughnessy | June 11, 2012

The term canopy refers to the arrangement of the leaves of a grapevine. Utilizing various vineyard management techniques, a grapevine canopy can be trained to a pattern conducive for proper grape development.

Training grape vines into a specific canopy is an essential part of vineyard management. Depending on the microclimate of the vineyard, grapevines can be trained to bush canopy styles, high canopy styles or specialty canopy styles such as the Geneva Double Curtain. The selection of a canopy style depends on the grape variety, the climate conditions and how the climate conditions effect grape growth. In climates where sun rays and heat need to be captured, grapevines may be trained utilizing bush canopy styles. In hotter climates, grapevines may be trained to grow high canopy styles with pergolas. The use of a pergola is beneficial for environments requiring that grapes remain shaded. Climates that utilize Cool Climate Viticulture practices may find the Geneva Double Curtain a useful canopy style.

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