by Staff Writer - A. Heinzman | June 11, 2012

Cambium is a narrow band of regenerative cells found just below the bark of plants. In plant grafting techniques, the cambium layers of both a scion and rootstock are joined.

The cambium layer found in plants is a critical component of the grafting process. In grafting, plants must be closely related if the grafted union is to be successful. Both the scion and rootstock must have their cambium layers prepared accordingly. Strict hygiene is essential so that fungi and bacteria do not cause an infection in the plant material. In the process of grafting, the cambium layers of the scion and graft are brought together and kept in firm contact. Over the course of several days, the cambium of both the rootstock and scion bond to create a union. From this point — and if a graft has been executed properly — the grafted union becomes stronger and eventually a healthy plant is realized.

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