It's hip to be square

by Kathleen Dennis
June 03, 2012

It has been a long time since I was in college. Wait, it hasn't been that long, never mind. I don't want to admit that so soon in our relationship. Starting over.

Though my collegiate days are behind me, I have been reminiscent of the good 'ol days, of late. Notice the rampant boxes of vino decorating the shelves lately? My friends, you may think (and this was once tenaciously my opinion as well) that boxed wine = BAD COLLEGE MEMORIES. A time of efficiency, you know, before our taste buds and wallets became in sync. And now it seems to have gotten out of control! Taking a closer look, you'll find that some of these "kegged" wines come from truly respectable wineries, and their prices (while reflecting it) still manage to be a great deal per liter. Still, you might maintain an aversion, and go with your standards.

Perhaps, until one day, you are enjoying the company of someone whom you'd regard highly as a wine connoisseur. They bring out a box of Malbec, and pour you a glass. There's little you'll refrain from doing in hopes to not appear rude, so you happily partake of said glass. To your surprise and delight, it's delicious. Nay! It's fantastic. You return home later and Google this miraculous manifestation.

You learn that boxed wine, nowadays, having become so easy and inexpensive to package and ship, is being discovered and valued by wineries all over. The boxes contain 3 liters, which is equivalent to 4 standard bottles of wine. Restaurants are taking advantage of this equation, not to mention myself. The great news for us is that the wine, being contained within a vacuum sealed bag, is not exposed to oxygen as you pour. The bag continues to shrink around its contents, leaving it perfectly delicious for about six weeks after opening!

But who's waiting that long?

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