Bad Jokes and Useful Tools, Part 1!

by Kathleen Dennis
June 05, 2013
Grape Heaven

The ice has melted, the birds have announced their glorious return through song, the Stanley Cup’s final series is near and dear, and fans of Game of Thrones have just threatened to hurl their televisions out of the windows. You know what this means, friends…


I don’t know about you, but I deserve a vacation. If not a vacation, perhaps just a weekend excursion! Regardless, it’s time to (can you hear the John Williams score in the background??) …


Come on, it’s fun! And Easy! Everybody, open this in a new tab on your browser:

The top of the page lets me filter what I see. When I click on the “Show All” tab, I may or may not be a teensy bit overwhelmed at all of my choices. I don’t make decisions easily. Lucky for me, was aware of my indecisiveness, and I can fine tune my results in just a couple of clicks!

Let’s say I’m going to be visiting my parents in southern California this weekend. That’s easy, I scroll forward to zoom in on the region… still a lot of options. I want to check out who’s doing something special this weekend, maybe live music or a deal on a tasting. I go up to the top of the page again and click on the “Happenings” tab. See how you can narrow your results by clicking on the various time frames? This limits my choices a bit, and lowers my anxiety.

You can see a breakdown of what’s happening with these wineries individually by clicking on them. If something looks appealing, you can click on their website, and maybe make a reservation or just get more information. Feel free to play around a bit on the site until next time I see you!

All in all, is not only useful in OVER ONE MILLION WAYS, but it is excellent for my health. Well done, GrapeHeaven, well done. ;)

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