About GrapeHeaven

It wasn't too long ago (2008) that we were struck with the desire to learn about wine. We searched the web, asked friends, and browsed through books. Nothing satisfied. Everything was either deceptively shallow, or intimidatingly detailed. We could not pick up information from one source and have it relate to information from another.

Initially Grape Heaven was intended to only teach people about wine. Over time, however, it became clear that not only could people not learn about wine, wineries themselves had a difficult time engaging their customers. They knew how to market, but they rarely had consistent communication channels with their customers. Our website, and our suite of tools, fills the void in both of those areas.

We aim to be the best conduit between the new wine lover and the wine industry.

Our Team

William MansfieldFounder and CEO
William believes that everything is codeable. So long as there is a way to describe it, there is a way to code it. If you're lucky, you'll catch him on one of the rare days when he has an emotion. Watching a robot deal with an emotion is quite entertaining.
Patrick CalderazChief Operations Officer
An advocate for entrepreneurship and technology, Patrick loves handling networks, processes, and import tuners. When he's not making sure the business tasks are documented and executed, you'll likely find him drooling at the local car show.
Jerry RamirezChief Marketing Officer
Passionate about wine and the ability to maximize outreach via the web, Jerry lends his prior internet marketing experience and is happy to be at your beck and call. He is tenacious in his drive as evidenced in his never ending desire to improve his golf game, we can all dream.
Kathy DennisSocial Strategist
A bubbly and delightful individual, Kathy has been enjoying wine since she was of legal age to do so (and likely before). An artist, she finds herself inspired by life's outstanding aesthetics and endeavors to see it all. Her background in science, math, studio and performance art has made her one of the most confusing (yet still delightful) people we've ever met, and we love to listen to her talk.
Dan PhanArt Director
Dan's favorite place in the world is comfortably nestled behind his Herman Miller office set and designing with his Apple computer (brand and design is everything). When's he's not sweating trying to meet website deadlines, he's sweating with his p90x workout.


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