Learning About Wine

Wine, like many great things, has negative associations with elitism. A social patina, if you will, preventing a large number of people from even attempting to learn about wine. This association is part of the reason that Grape Heaven exists. We not only think the perceived elitism is obsolete: we aim to abolish it completely.

To learn about wine, you must drink wine. You cannot become a wine connoisseur and not drink wine on a regular basis. That simple fact cannot be denied. However, drinking a bottle wine every day for 5 years is not necessary to understand wine. In fact, drinking a bottle of wine every week isn't even necessary. The enjoyment of wine is a combination of knowledge, appreciation, intoxication and perception. None of which require anyone to drink vast amounts wine. While we at Grape Heaven cannot directly influence your perception (or intoxication), we do believe we can contribute greatly to your knowledge and appreciation of wine.

If you have ever attempted to research wine, whether on the internet or at your local winery, you have probably found yourself unable to get more than a morsel or two of useful information. And if you are like most people, you go in to a shop to learn about wine, just to find yourself walking out again with a blank stare and a new wine bottle in your hand. They didn't want to teach you about wine. They wanted to sell you wine. That is when you go home, blow the dust off that new bottle, pour yourself a glass and visit GrapeHeaven.com.

When you first arrive at GrapeHeaven.com, you will likely notice that you don't see any advertisements vying for your money. You'll also notice that there is no way to buy wine on the website. Do not be afraid. This is our intent, our angle, our edge. We don't want your money, we want you to learn. We want you to master the tomes, read the articles, be overwhelmed, be challenged, and most of all - we want you to feel comfortable with wine.

All of the content on Grape Heaven is organized in tomes and is categorized to help keep track of your education. If you find that you are having a hard time keeping track of the hundreds of articles on your own, simply log in and let the let the website track your articles for you. The website will automatically track your progress and will keep a running tally of any tomes you have started to read. All you need to do is mark an article as read, and the website will do the rest.

Naturally the day will come when you start to like the taste of knowledge, and start to feel the itch to lecture your peers. Do not fall into that elitist trap. We want you to socialize with your peers, not isolate yourself from them. Instead, open an article on the website you find lacking, highlight some text you feel passionate about, and add an annotation. Grape Heaven annotations allow you to add (approved) content to any article you find. This allows you to both exercise your knowledge and start to remove the tarnish associated with wine drinkers.

When you've learned enough about wine and you feel comfortable talking about it, you'll likely want to revisit the place that forced that bottle of wine into your hands. This time, however, instead of walking blindly around your neighborhood looking for any store that sells wine, you'll go to a place that not only teaches you about wine, but also has the best tools to find a local winery: GrapeHeaven.com.



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