Finding a Winery

One would think that doing an online search for a winery would be a relatively simple task. Simply pull up a search engine, type in a few words and voila, you've found a winery. Unfortunately, today's internet is just not that simple.

The internet is vast. So large, in fact, that global search engines no longer have the capacity to satisfy specific searches. There is too much information to process for them to decipher which content is truly relevant. Instead of being able to focus on the user's true intent, they are forced to analyze trends and focus on popularity instead. The problem, as you are likely aware, is that when it comes to businesses, 'popular' usually means 'profitable'. It will convert the query "show me nearby wineries" to "show me nearby wineries that pay search engines". While this may be a preferred result in some industries (would you pay a marketing company who doesn't market?), it does not apply to all industries. Luckily for the wine industry, however, there is

Grape Heaven's desire is to give everyone a way to find a winery without falling victim to the marketing engine. In this world, the size of a wineries budget does not determine its reach. Instead, the measure of a winery's reach is determined by their level of engagement with their customers. Although, simply being a highly engaged winery does not guarantee dominance. The customer's perspective and the customer's intent, trump all. If a visitor is looking for an event nearby within the next three days, that is all that will appear. They won't be offered advertisements, upsells, or other redirections. They find what they were looking for.

This is all possible because Grape Heaven's sole focus is to provide information. Information that is designed to ensure you can find a winery with ease - the way it should be.



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